Who am i?

My "why"

People often talk about missions and purposes. So, let me tell you about my purpose. My WHY.

Hi, just call me Ev. I’m a mountain girl at heart. I love the mountains, trails, adventure, really anything that gets me outside. I’m also a yoga alliance certified yoga instructor.

I want to inspire you to soak up life outside. To breathe fresh air. To play often. To discover your best self. 

I want to help you live life to its fullest, and to create a healthy living and adventurous lifestyle. Think of me as your guide, your friend, your buddy, your “you’ve got this” inspiration.

Just call me Ev. Girls, let’s take on mountains!

jumping in the snow in the french alps

Some cool things I've done

  • Hiked the Tour Du Mont Blanc
  • Hiked the Camino De Santiago
  • Hiked Saint Cuthbert’s Way
  • Became a Yoga Instructor 
  • Started Blogging
  • Taught myself Graphic Design

What are some things cool you’ve done or want to do or dream of doing?

Some of my favorite places to hike

spending all my time in the mountains... 100%